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Tiles stolves represent an extraordinary low-cost and long time efficient means of heating. Our stoves operate on the basis of an accumulative radiant heating process that is mainly suitable for long - term inhibited premises.
Catalogue number : 133
Tile stove, tiles combined with plaster
Tile type used : SLUNECNICE
Catalogue number : 177
Interior tile stove with a seat bench and a plaster socle
Tile type used : RUSTIKAL IIIK
Catalogue number : 5Z
Interior tile stove without a bench and a socle, side feed stoker
Tile type used : MUDLE I
Catalogue number : 132
Interior tile stove with a seat bench, upper side edged with a crest
Tile type used : SECESE I
Catalogue number : 5D
Interior tile stove with a seat bench, another room side feed firing system, a plaster socle
Tile type used : SECESE I

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